The Milstead Corporation considers investments and opportunities across any industry, but has and will continue to focus where the leadership team has in-depth experience and strong networks in automotive, environmental,, fintech, real estate and Infrastructure.





Real Estate


Our Investment Philosophy

We prefer to establish and grow our companies organically and have the patience necessary to ensure we do not extend beyond our capabilities. Our tradition of building businesses is supplemented by strategic M&A activity where necessary. We strive to combine our timing and engagement at a level that builds trust with our portfolio companies and customers.

Investment Strategy:

Provide flexible investment solutions to inject capital in existing companies, invest or acquire aligned emerging companies or create businesses to fill an identified need or service
Focus on high EBITDA $1,000,000+ entities with little or no debt service and attractive growth
Open to local, regional and out of state opportunities that can be successfully operated with senior and tenured management

Investment Criteria:

Fills a gap within our current investment portfolio
Solid and sustainable margin structure that compliments our competitive advantage
Proven and profitable economics
Established business model with clear, strategic growth opportunities
Ability to maintain positive cash flows through various business cycles


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