Masters ARS



Masters ARS is the tenured emergency response hazmat company in the Southeast Texas region with many state and municipal contracts. Bases of operations are in Conroe and Huffman, Texas.

Masters ARS

History :

Masters ARS was acquired  by the Milstead Corporation in late 2020 as part of a private sale. In existence since 2010, Masters ARS holds the valuable Southeast region TXDOT contract for environmental services along with many adjacent state, county and municipal contracts.

Masters ARS

Specialization :

Masters ARS is uniquely equipped to handle emergency operations with a wide variety of experience managing highly precarious chemicals and substances. The team is expertly trained and regularly uses specialized PPE to secure incident sites and safely remove and remediate the spill.




Mark Cater

Led by industry veteran Mark Cater, the Masters ARS team consistently delivers and is recognized by TXDOT and other state and local municipalities for their prompt, fair and reliable ER services and support 24/7/365.