Milstead Highway Services



Performance gaps in regional highway traffic control services were identified in January 2022, leading to the formation of  Milstead Highway Services. Built with growth financing and equipment supply while actively acquiring experienced talent, we are currently supporting Milstead HMR and Masters ARS with traffic control and some local, state and municipal needs. We are aggressively pursuing contracts statewide and beyond with government and corporate customers, and are receiving significant interest in our offerings.


Specialization :

Specific areas targeted by Milstead Highway Services include traffic control for lane closures, as well as crowd control, guardrail installation/replacement, crash cushions, landscaping, permanent and temporary signage, and fencing of all types. In addition to governmental entities that require such aid, we also work with construction and railroad companies.


Company Stats :

Established in 2022 and growing rapidly, Milstead Highway Services is providing a much-needed service within a competitive market by serving established governments and blue chip construction conglomerates.




Tommy Keasling

Led by industry veteran Tommy Keasling, the Milstead Highway Services team has the necessary depth of experience and credentials required for TXDOT approved projects and vendors.